Le Meilleur Telephone Portable 2012

Le Meilleur Telephone Portable 2012


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Le téléphone portable, gadget de destruction massive

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A l’échelle planétaire (déchets électroniques, massacres de populations et d’espèces menacées), nationale (surveillance, technification des rapports sociaux, bombardement publicitaire), locale (pollutions, pillage des ressources et des fonds publics) et individuelle (addiction, détérioration de la santé et autisme social), découvrons ce gadget devenu fléau absolu. Je tiens à vous informer que en dix ans le téléphone portable a colonisé nos vies, avec l’active participation du public, et pour le bénéfice de l’industrie. Ce déferlement signe la victoire du marketing technologique contre les évidences , Comme je l’ai lu dans un article. Finalement c’est le plus foudroyant développement technologique de l’Histoire. Non seulement les ravages - écologiques, sanitaires, sociaux, psychologiques - du portable sont niés, mais il n’est pas exclu que sa possession devienne obligatoire pour survivre à Technopolis.

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Le Meilleur Telephone Portable 2012

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Jean : INDISPENSABLE pour ceux qui ont encore une conscience et comptent s’en servir. Mais dans l’ensemble, je suis très heureux de cette le meilleur telephone portable 2012. Cette le meilleur telephone portable 2012 est incroyable. L’auteur est d’un cynisme remarque jusqu’au rire parfois du lecteur. A lire pour tous ceux qui refusent le conformisme. Vous avez un portable. Alors, ne lisez pas ce petit livre: vous pourriez être tentés d’écraser l’infâme machine sous le talon et de sauter à la gorge de tous ceux qui l’ont greffé à l’oreille.Peur de le perdre. Livre qui ose dire des vérités et nous oblige à réflechir très bien documenté Un petit nombre de pages mais un grand nombre d’informations à creuser.

Kevin: Jusqu’à présent, je suis heureux avec mon le meilleur telephone portable 2012. Le le meilleur telephone portable 2012 fait ce qu’il dit. J’ai été heureux d’obtenir cette le meilleur telephone portable 2012..


The so-called sharing economy has taken off in the Great Recession, as companies like Netflix and Zipcar have allowed the exchange of DVDs, cars, clothes, couches, and even kitchen utensils. The promise of a post-ownership society is that we can do more, own less, and rent the rest with Web-enabled companies. That’s a huge break for cash-strapped families in a weak recovery. Whether it’s good news for companies who rely on customers to buy new things, rather than share old purchases, is much more complicated.

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3-D Printing And Pirate Bay Usher In the Era of Pirated Physical Goods with “Physibles.”

“the idea of encoding an industrial design as a pirate-able torrent does open up intriguing variations on traditional copyright infringement and corporate espionage.”

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I’m a big believer that you can try to change the world based on philosophy, doctrine, and belief. But I think the thing that really drives the world is hedonism, the pleasure factor. As far as I’m concerned, the best way to convert people to eating fresh local grown produce is to show them that local fresh grown produce tastes better.

Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, talk to Fast Company about how to create 4-star food experiences with lines around the block.

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The Daily Face - January 19, 2012 

under eyes: Make Up For Ever HD Concealer in 325

eyeliner: The Body Shop Liquid Liner in Black, NARS Eye Pencil in Hollywoodland

eye shadow: MAC Eyeshadow in Pen ‘N Pink, NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Bellissima

eye brows: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Fling

eye lashes: Lancome Hypnose Drama

cheeks: NARS Blush in Penny Lane

In my last post I demonstrated a smudged eyeliner and talked about how eyeliner can completely change the shape of the eye.  Here is my follow up look, a clean liquid lined eye.  Notice the dramatic difference between the two looks and how each style has a varying effect on my eye shape.  I think it pretty incredible how something as simple as eyeliner can completely alter our face.  I urge you to experiment with varying techniques to see how they change your own face.  You’ll probably find one way you think looks best (for me in the winged liner), but don’t get pigeon-holed into only wearing your makeup that way.

I began this look by lining the top lids with liquid liner from The Body Shop.  This is a great liquid liner if you’re a beginner because it’s not waterproof.  That means you can apply it and then shape it easily with a damp Q-tip.  I made pretty a dramatic, 60’s cat eye here.

Next I applied MAC Pen ‘N Pink shadow to the lid from liner to crease.  Then I used the brownish-gray shade from the NARS Bellissima Duo to contour the crease of the eye.  Both of the shadows I used are matte.

Next I applied the NARS Eye Pencil in Hollywoodland wrapping around inner corners of the eyes.

Lastly I applied mascara and NARS Cream Blush in Penny Lane to the apples of the cheeks.   

Jan 18 2012 crop

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Two great things!


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Why Is There Still Green In My Funds?


The green message needs some honing to go mainstream

By Marc Stoiber

This article is based on a speech I presented to the Canadian Socially Responsible Investment Forum June 20, 2011. 

About two months ago, Joel Makower posted a story titled ‘Green Marketing Is Over.’ Makower believes green marketing as we know it has failed us – the great green consumer revolution simply hasn’t materialized, and green products continue to limp along as niche players.

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Hard to believe it’s even possible to move like that. Wow. Seriously. Wow.



Warning: As usual, these photos were taken with a broken point-n-shoot camera.

 Mount Baldy, California

It was once the home to the Tonva people. Not sure what happened to them. Here is a reconstruction of a Tongva dwelling. From some billboard I found because information about this area seems very scarce. :(

For thousands of years, the Tongva ventured into this mountain region in search of food and material goods. Leaving their permanent villages in the valleys below, the Yongva set up summer and autumn camps in the cool mountains. Outside the thatched walls of their “kich,” fish and deer meat were hung to dry. Roots, seeds, berries and nuts were gathered and eaten; dried acorns were stored in the willow baskets granaries. Hard world and summer bounty meant survival during the long winter ahead. Permanent villages of the Tonva were located in the valleys. They included ceremonial area, ceremonial house and family dwellings.

Wooeyhoo, what  wild ride. I went to this place on a whim, and ignored reports for violent winds and storm. The first portion of it was hell – the rain was pouring and the gusts were violent enough to blow droplets sideways. About a mile or two in the trail, rain was replaced by snow, and this very moist fog. In fact, the mist was actually clouds! Pretty neat, but rather chilly.You can tell that the storm hit rather suddenly from the plants and flowers neatly encased in ice.

The trail was exceedingly difficult in pour weather because towards the summit, the slopes can have an angle of 45 degrees. Not to mention towards the top, the former ridges of the mountains below no longer protect you, so you are subjected to very harsh winds that can blow to at least 20 MPHs.

I was fearless about climbing it, until I reached towards the top … and looked down. Unfortunately, after hiking many miles, we had to turn back one mile from the summit because the weather has become so awful, and worst, the snow had become nearly ice. Unlike soft snow which you could easily supplant your foot in, ice will slide you down that slope unless you have cramp-ons.

I think the rapid elevation gain adversely affected my thinking abilities because I kept pulling icicles and ate them. Then I took my cane and attacked them while proclaiming, “You will never have the Water Crystal.” I tried to take a picture of the feat, but my equipment was dead. I turned around and said, “My batteries camera died!” Yeah …

Some passerbyers later on asked me if I blaze. Though the answer is no, can’t blame ‘em for assuming.

For more local history.

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Dead Man by Clark Goolsby

Created his Feburary, 2011 STRANGE/LOVE show at the POVevolving Gallery in Los Angeles. 

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